Les deux Shri Ram Chandra Missions

La hache de guerre n’est pas enterrée, bien au contraire. L’année passée, un anonyme avait témoigné du passé de la SRCM de Shahjahanpur sous SP srivastava puis Umesh Chandra Saxena. En décembre, un autre dénonçait la reprise en main de l’ashram de Shahjahanpur par la SRCM ® (voir ci-dessous), puis on découvrait un commentaire du petit fils de Babuji daté du 14 janvier (voir aussi ci-dessous), et voilà que Don nous indique un « site officiel » de la SRCM de Shahjahanpur où l’on trouve de graves accusations à l’encontre de Chari et de la SRCM ® (voir encore ci-dessous).

Alors, Mesdames et Messieurs de la SRCM de Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, conscient de la capacité de nuisance gratuite de ces témoignages successifs accablants et venus de nulle part, je m’engage à publier sur mon blog votre propre version de l’histoire car aucun élément ne me permet aujourd’hui de privilégier une version plutôt qu’une autre.
Je sais qu’il a été décidé en haut lieu chez vous de prohiber toute expression sur le web et notamment sur nos blogs, mais je sais aussi que vous êtes nombreux à nous lire quotidiennement. Alors libre à vous de poursuivre dans cette voie, libre à vous de vous taire mais je crois assez en la sagesse populaire – en France, nous avons un dicton : qui ne dit mot consent – et votre silence pourrait finir par devenir assourdissant.

1er texte envoyé sur le blog de Michael en décembre dernier
Hi Everyone associated with SRCM
What is your opinion on illegal capture of Ashram at Shahjahanpur by Chari group during March - April 2006. Being an Abhyasi I sincerely condemn it.
I am an Abhyasi from a group who do not believe in The Living Master or simply do not consider Chari as Master. As there was no such concept when Babuji was there. Rather, he stressed on strong living media, i.e. a strong preceptor with strong will power. For us only Babuji Maharaj is eternal master. Divine Master in the real sense never dies nor he requires physical body, hence, no question of living master.
The Chari group people illegally captured the Ashram. They forcefully quit the people in the Ashram who are not associate with Chari. There were such capturing occasions earlier also in some other places like Vijayawada, Raichoor etc. Where is spirituality in that group? What for they are doing such things. Do they think being very rich group any thing can be done? I have seen people are getting attracted to the Buildings / Posh Ashrams etc.
What is your opinion on this?
Once againPranam

2ème texte paru en janvier dernier
We are running a spiritual society, Shri Ram Chandra Mission. It was started by my Grandfather, Shri Ram Chandra ji maharaj of Shahjahanpur. He left his physical body in 1983.
After leaving his physical body One of his disciples came up with a forged nomination which evident from the document itself to a layman with typewriting used twice and even the printed name of socity of emblem are not in aligned to each other as is in case of Printed letter heads. Moreso no where in text has he been nominated as the President of the society Shri Ram Chandra Mission. These are onle some of the startling facts of the document.
There was however a nomination given by the founder in name of my father Sh. Umesh Chandra which was in line with constitution & byelaws of the society then registered way back in 1945. He was accepted as president in 1984 by the Managing Committee of the society.
Law of UP Society Act changed in 1984 to election since then we are following the law and after Sh. Umesh Chadra ji's unnatural death in 2003 his son Navneet Kumar have been elected as the President by the Elected body.
Atrocities of the disciple claiming President ship in 1984 increased ever since I have taken over. he started a parallel society in the same name with its Head Quarters at Chennai.
We are seeking justice ever since 1984. but are not getting the same from all the courts because of reasons below:
He has appointed sitting and ex judges of Allahabad High court in his legal committee, Sitting & Ex IAS [Indian Administrative Service] officers, Businessman, Foreign Nationals, and Retd. IPS [Indian Police Service] Officers who seemingly are not only influencing the judicial but also Administrative Authorities, who on our face agree that we are talking legal but who either dismiss out petitions or give judgements/orders against us. Many a times if u notice the findings they are in our favour but judgement is not. Moreover he has aides of fund and money from India and abroad too.
He claims himself as Guru but as per the literature of my grandfather there shall be no more Guru other than him. Others shall be his successors and he shall act through the spiritual representative. Moreover even his literature and his last letter clearly states that he has not appointed the Alleged disciple as his successor and that he has nominated his spritual representative in Direct ine of succession which was as per the constitution & Bye law of the society and the act at the time of his physical demise.
Moreso the alleged disciple has also changed the constitution to suit him, but the change fortunately has not been accepted by the Registrar of Societies.
Aides of the said alleged claimant have not only harassed us mentally but also attempted on our lives several times as the alleged disciple had done with his Guru. Which is clearly evident from the notorised last letter of the founder president Shri Ram Chandra ji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur.
He has been misguiding the public at large since over Two decades now. This is being continued due to delayed justice.
Recently last year his aides Ex IPS Officer, Ex IAS Officer and Ex Judicial Officers came in into our Ashram with 150 people and attacked wife of Sh. Umesh Chandra, who is above 60 years of age and Sh. Amresh Kumar the Ashram Incharege who is about 65 years of age in presence of Police security which was provided by then DM & SP [District Magistrate & Superintendent of Police] of Shahjahanpur. On the plea of the victims being beaten by the crowd also the police did not move a wee bit and people who opposed were beaten and pushed out of Ashram by Police officials. The police and Administration of Shahjahanpur, UP supported them there was a call from Mrs. Umesh Chandra's son to the SP too when the incident was taking place as someone informed her son about the incident on his mobile, who was at Mumbai at that point of time. SP refused to offer help and stated I cannot do anything sorry. and he later stopped picking up his phone.
Both sufferred injuries and they were taken by our advocate who arrived at the incident spot a while later were taken toand went to the Civil Hospital where the Medical report clearly states that they were beaten had bruises and with possibility of internal injury. The victims went to the police station to file FIR [First Information Report] they refused to register saying No One in Shahjahanpur will file your FIR. They faxed the FIR to the DM copy to the Chief Secretary of UP and later even to the court. But the FIR is not filed as yet. The case is pending at this point of time too.
There have been incidents of even placing High Court of Allahabad orders in district court even before the hearing of case at the High court took place and the order was released. This was reported with proof to the CJI [Chief Justice of India]. CJI has ordered enquiry which also we know would die its unnatural death as other enquiries of the President of India, Vice President of India, The Prime Minister of India has died its unnatural injustice death.
If such a a person claims to be spiritual GURU like personality how humanely is he acting can be visible but no action whatsoever by the Authorities, People at large or even Media is taking place.
We have a feeling that since Media is not getting active even after our regular followups and requests to enter into the issue as a common man cannot even live peacefully in this country with citizens who are responsible for degrading the system of the society and the country.
So where is the justice without media intervention as the justice is in hands of the higher ups and people having contacts in this country.
We have left things to Supreme court today hoping that justice may be given at this Apex court atleast.

Extrait du website de la SRCM de Shahjahanpur
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Shri Ram Chandra Mission was founded by our Revered Master Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur with the blessings of our Aadi Guru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh. The Mission was founded by our Revered Master as per the directions of Pujya Shri Swami Vivekanandji and the constitution, bylaws, Rules and Regulations were laid down and registered as per his will and directions to our Revered Master Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj alias Babuji Maharaj.
The aforementioned Rules and Regulations were registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 by our Revered Master wherein the President of the Society would be the spiritual representative in the direct line of succession who shall possess the powers, authority vested upon him to manage, control the affairs of the Society Shri Ram Chandra Mission. The clauses 3(b) and 4 (h) of the registered by laws of Shri Ram Chandra Mission is enumerated below.
3(b) It shall work under the sole guidance and control of the Founder or his Spiritual Representative, in the direct line of succession; and he shall be the President of the Mission.
4(h) He shall nominate among his spiritual successors, any person as his representative, who as such will enjoy all the power and authority vested in the President.
Our beloved Revered Master, Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj as per the aforementioned rules has clearly indicated that his successor spiritual representative shall be the person in the direct line of succession. Babuji Maharaj in his dictation received from Lalaji Maharaj on the 27th day of July 1945 has clearly laid down that the person would be amongst the generations of our Revered Guru and Master Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj only. The manuscripts of the said directions have already been published in the book Divya Adesh Part 2 / Divine Order (Vol. 2) for reference to all abhyasis/ members and to the community at large. Extract from the original diaries of Babuji Maharaj written in Urdu and English is provided for your ready reference as follows:
After the Mahasamadhi of our Revered Master, there existed certain problems in regard to the claim about Presidenship of the Society Shri Ram Chandra Mission. As such, P. Rajagopalachari, one of the disciples of our Revered Master started claiming himself to be the next President after the mahasamadhi of our Master Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj, against the will of Almighty, ultimate power, the legal provisions and against the wishes and will of our Guru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj vide his false and alleged nomination/ declaration letter dated 23 March 1974.
The Predictions of our Revered Master Pujya Babuji Maharaj in regard to the successor representative in Shri Ram Chandra Mission were cleared vide nomination/ declaration letter dated 16 April 1982 in favour of his son Pujya Shri Umesh Chandraji Maharaj and the acceptance of the same by the Working Committee and General Body of the Society Shri Ram Chandra Mission held on 6th, 7th and 8th February 1984 at the headquarters at Yogashram premises, Misripur Block, Hardoi Road, Shahjahanpur inter alia deciding the rejection of the claim of P. Rajagopalachari for the post of President of the Society after the Maha Samadhi of our Revered Master Mahatma Shri RamChandraji Maharaj alias Babuji Maharaj on 19 April 1983 and declaring and accepting the claim of Pujya Shri Umesh Chandraji Maharaj on the basis of genuine nomination/ declaration letter dated 16.4.1982.
In brief it is necessary to bring to the notice of the abhyasis members of the Mission about the legality of the Successor Representative and also the President of the Society as per the will and wishes of our Master, directions from our Aadiguru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh and the principles laid down by Swami Vivekanandji. There are certain questions which need to be answered about the Successor Representative and the President of the society in regard to present legislative/ legal provisions of law.
Question 1. Who could be the office bearers (inclusive of President) of the Society?
Answer: As per the Section 3A(4) and Section 4 of Societies Registration Act, applicable to the state of Uttar Pradesh, the elected Managing Body shall be the office bearers of the Society after the amendment in provisions of law vide U.P. Act 11 of 1984 with effect from 30.4.1984 for renewal of registration of any Society. As such after the Mahasamadhi of our Founder President Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj, Pujya Shri Umesh Chandraji Maharaj was declared as the nominated President vide nomination/ declaration letter dated 16 April 1982 and later on after the change in law vide UP Act 11 of 1984 with effect from 30.4.1984 he was unanimously declared and accepted as the President of the Society in accordance with Section 3 A (4) of Societies Registration Act.
As such, in regard to the afore mentioned facts, the claim of P. Rajagopalachari is not sustainable in the eye of law.
Question 2: By the will of our Revered Master Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj whether P. Rajagopalachari can be President of the Society?
Answer: No. The following are the reasons in regard to the rejection of the claim of P.Rajagopalachari in consideration to the legal and factual aspects.
(i) Alleged Nomination letter dated 23 March 1974 is false and a forged document due to the following grounds.
(a) The nomination letter dated 23 March 1974 is accompanied with a covering letter dated 19 March 1974 which clearly proves the authenticity of the document and the aforesaid document is a result of forgery.
(b) The registered will of Founder President our beloved Guru Mahatma Shri
Ram Chandraji Maharaj dated 30th December 1976 clearly states that the aforementioned nomination could have been made from the lost blank signed papers by Babuji Maharaj. As such the aforementioned nomination of P. Rajagopalachari is the result of the aforementioned blank papers.
(c) Further there are reports by two document experts namely Shri A.K. Chatterjee and Smt Brija Bala Thakur stating the aforementioned nomination of P. Rajagopalachari is a result of forgery.
(ii) Babuji Maharaj has also made it clear vide His last private and confidential letter dated 2.9.1982 written to one of his disciples Shri M.D. Jahgirdar inter alia stating
"I am given to understand here that Mr.P. Rajagopalachari has been conducting meetings with the foreign Abhyasis that he is going to be next President and the Master may not survive now. I still do not know who has declared him? These are the things which are depressing me and I see the present condition of the Mission today."
As such in consideration to the aforementioned reasons P. Rajagopalachari can never become the President of the Society.
Question 3 Whether any person can declare/ nominate/ make a will in favour of any person who has attempted on the life of any person bequeathing the rights.
Answer: No
It is to bring to the notice amongst all the abhyasis of the fact that there have been several attempts on the life of our Revered Master and Guru since 1974 by P. Rajagopalachari whereby P. Rajagopalachari succeeded in his final attempt by poisoning our Guru Pujya Babuji Maharaj while traveling from Paris to India. Thereafter Babuji Maharaj took Mahasamadhi on 19.4.1983.
As such, P. Rajagopalachari can neither be the Successor Representative nor the President of Society and he is liable to be convicted for the murder of our Revered Guru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj. In regard to the aforementioned facts about attempts, the last letter dated 2.9.1982 by our Founder President and beloved Revered Master Babuji Maharaj is a strict proof and evidence.
Further Babuji in the letter dated 2.9.1982 has also stated that he has nominated the Successor Representative and the said secret was also revealed to Shri M. D. Jahgirdar only. Extract of the letter is enumerated below for your ready reference.
"I want to reveal one more secret which is fetal to the Mission is that I have already nominated my Successor President and the letter to this effect has already been issued, the person is from the direct line of succession and this is the wish of my Master."
The above letter has already been published in our Patrika earlier.
Question 4 Whether any person can be the PRESIDENT of Society against the provisions of Societies Registration Act applicable to the State of Uttar Pradesh.
Answer: NO
That in consideration to the provisions of law Pujya Shri Umesh Chandraji Maharaj could be the only President of Society and thereafter His Mahasamadhi, Shri Navneet Kumar Saxena shall be the President of the Society in accordance with Section 3A(4) and Section 4 of the Societies Registration Act. As such, the claim of P. Rajagopalachari on the basis of nomination at present as the nominee President is against the provisions of law and the same shall be rejected and such contention as such is not sustainable in the eye of law.
Question 5. Whether the direction/ orders laid down by our Guru Pujya Babuji Maharaj be disobeyed?
Answer: No
It is the bounden duty of our abhyasi brothers and sister to follow the directions laid down by our beloved Babuji Maharaj.
As such as per the will and wishes of our Guru Mahatma Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj, Pujya Shri Umesh Chandraji Maharaj can only be the President of the Society and thereafter his son Shri Navneet Kumar Saxena can only be the President which could be the evident from the wordings / narration in the nomination letter dated 16 April 1982 bequeathed the rights of the Successor Representation in favour of Pujya Shri Umesh Chandraji Maharaj and thereafter the rights being bequeathed as per the will of Pujya Shri Umesh Chandraji Maharaj inter alia stated as the order by the Founder President and the aforesaid will of Babuji Maharaj deems to be supported by his literature. Extract of the nomination / declaration letter dated 16 April 1982 is given below:
"….. including the wishes and blessing of the Almighty and that of my Samarth Guru Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh, do hereby nominate my spiritual representative as also my son Shri Umesh Chandra Saxena as Successor President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission Shahjahanpur, with liberty to him, to further nominate his successor President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission with the condition that the person so nominated by him as his successor President of the said Mission must be his spiritual representatives in his direct line of succession…. … Previous nomination if any, made by me, shall stand superceded and cancelled."
As such, I would conclude by giving my opinion in regard to the Successor Representative and President that P. Rajagopalachari can never become the President of Mission and in consideration to the factual and legal position of law. Further the aforementioned questions and answers would make it easier to decide for each and every abhyasi / member of the Society on his own that who could be the Successor Representative as per the will of our beloved Master Pujya Babuji Maharaj.
Legal Adviser.

Réponses de Navneet à nos questions (extraits) :
Navneet a dit...
"The meeting referred to in 1984 was a meeting which took place on 6th & 7th February 1984.The copy of the minutes is available with us and it clearly states that Chari's nomination seem to be false and it also clearly accepts Umesh Chandra's nomination to be in words used by Babuji and elects him as president which was also confirmed by the General Body on 7th Feb., 1984.
It was on Babuji's orders that Shri Umesh Chandra did not be very active for 11 years to avoid these disturbances as Babuji clearly said that like he was poisoned and there were disturbances when he took over from his Guru same is expected after his physical absence.
Let it be clear to all that this is not a fight for money but it is a fight against people mis-representing Babuji. Babuji believed in Quality rather than Quantity. Hence we have been able to maintain Quality people around.Also notice that the last letter is typed on an Electronic Typewriter, which you all know was not present in India in 1982. Is that not aproof in itself.Moreover the case in the Apex court of the country has just taken place and decision is awaited have patience for the order and observations made by court.
For your knowledge there were observations from an High Court Judge that the document of Chari doesn't seem to be genuine as the cover letter was of an earlier date (4 days before) and the Certificate as stated by them was not folded and the envelope so submitted was a small sized envelope. The comments that how can a certificate of A4 size come in to a small envelope.!!!!
If you people wan't to be swayed away from reality and be guided by few unnatural claimants and propogators it is your problem not Babuji's. If you believe Babuji is the only Guru for the coming Years than get back to us or else we are not interested in people who don't believe Babuji & his masters orders which also is clearly noted fact as per Babuji's original diary.
How much more clear can a spiritual order be from Babuji's Master be when he has used the word 'Nutfey' in Urdu which you can verify means 'semen' in English. Stating that your successor will come out of your semen. Original Urdu jpeg file is also being published in our Jan-Feb Issue of Sahaj Marg Patrika.
It is SAD to note that People being in spiritual and being with Babujihave not realised who the true successor is. We are here to serve not be severed for standing in cause of Babuji, by not allowing anyone to deviate from the system laid and only of Babuji Maharaj. We happen to be his blood and you would agree blood is thicker than water. We will not be dishonest to our blood.Also note that any sane person would not fight for a cause even when he is well settled in life and working at a respectable Management level in one of the top 20 Organizations of the country India. We are also not claiming to be Master's we are only saying we are servants following our Guru's Order.
One last thing on the 13th day from my father's unnatural death my younger brother was warned from reaching to Shahjahanpur by car in person on his way if he wanted his life to remain. But he rung us up and said that if Babuji has given us brothers this work we will not care for our life and he moved to wards Shahjahanpur. Soon within next 10 odd kms a Truck directly collided with the car by coming on the wrong side even when my brother changed his lane the truck followed the car and the car was completely damaged beyond repair. Person sitting right on his back seat died on the spot. But my brother had only a small bruise on his forehead that too due to breakage of glass.Similarly I was also poisoned on the 3rd of February in the year 2003 [erratum : 2006]. I vomitted blood as my father did but could survive without any Medicine. All my Nails turned Blue after a day and one of them have still not taken back to the original colour.
This is the last time I am writing this to you if you people have started doubting on Babuji and start believing in his so called true disciples who have not let Babuji live his life then Nature shall only take care of you people."

La suite du témoignage de Navneet, notamment sur la mort non naturelle de son père Umeshchandra Saxena :
"If you see the last letter of Babuji it clarifies the role of Dr S.P. Srivastava and other 3 people. As my father was instructed not to actively involve till the true disciple only stay in this mission with him to avoid the repetation of history.
Hence Dr. S.P. Srivastava was heading the society as President so that the dispute could be solved and Chari stops his claim. It is only in 1987 when Chari again got up and attacked the Ashram with few of his followers asking to make him the President. the then ADministrative Authorities asked him to leve the town within 15 minutes and Section 398 was put on him and was barred from entring the district boundaries. Copy of the same is also with us. He has never again attemted to visit Shahjahanpur since then.As far as my father's death is concerned. He was hale & hearty and we were busy with my younger brother's marriage celebrations.
He just had tea in the Ashram given by one of our disciples. felt uneasy and vomitted blood. he tried to control himself and the doctor was called. He said it is case of poison in blood. but he recovered by next morning and the doctor advised him to take a bottle of blood when he reaches Delhi.
He attended the engagement ceremony of my brother on the next day. He was walking but slightly weak because of loss of blood.We came to Delhi and in the morning at 9:30 AM we took him to a hospital for a bottle of blood. The doctor gave Anaesthesia to him. We objected to it stating that for giving blood we don't give Anaesthesia. Doctor asked nurse to to push my mother out of the room. My father was talking just before the anaesthesia.
At 3:00 PM we came to know that my father had expired. Best part is I did not give this news to my motherfor about 1/2 hour but I received a call from Shahjahanpur that one of Chari's close aid in Shahjahanpur has rung the ashram and said that Sh. Umesh Chandra is no more.
I wondered that his news of death was known only to the doctor, nuse and me how could the news travel to Chari's camp. Later when I broke the news to my mother she cried saying that Chari has succeeded in killing him. When I asked for detail later came to know that about 15 days back one person had overheard Chari's now Secretary saying that we will have to first kill Umesh then his youngest son. because he is an advocate. He also said that they were talking of some doctor who would help them. My father took it lightly.After relieving my father. The doctor was asked to do postmortem he refused stating no post mortem can be done. Take the body away. My mother was crying too much so we took the body back to our home.To our surprise Chari's aides were there at our house within 1 hr of our bringing my father's body. When no one has any contacts or even meet them ever.When we asked the doctor to give a certificate about his death. The doctor writes he was brought to the hospital with no pulse. How can a man go by lift after walking and sitting Chair after Doctor asked him to sit and tell doctor that he just needs a bottle of blood fast so that he could go back home and answers to doctor that he is just feeling weak and will go back home and be alright.
We then ask the hospital to give records of what was the treatment given to my father for just abour 4 hours that he died even when came walking. The Hospital staff refused to hand over the file to us. Which should be given to us as per law.We later tried to enquire through a doctor to see the file inside the hospital and tell us about the treatment. Doctor of that hospital said that that particular file is not there all other file copies are there. he also said that he had enquired about it from others. he was told that you will not get that particular file. Dont talk about it till things settle.
Hope now every thing is clear. None of the above incident is manipulated it is a true story but nobody pays heed because of money, and Administrative powers etc. supporting him."

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